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Meade inaccuracies

It really becomes insanely difficult when manufacturers cannot supply you with the correct information.
I was trying to put the dimensions of the Sony ICX429ALL chip into Astroplanner for the DSI II Pro. Well none of the information supplied by Meade is correct except for the pixel size (8.3 W x8.6 H microns) and number of effective pixels 752 x 582. But they have even messed that up as Sony quote it as 8.6 H x 8.3V. (I guess Sony should know as they built it).
Meade: Chip Dimensions 5.59mm (W) x 4.68 (H)
Sony: Chip Dimensions 7.4 (H) x 5.95 (V)
and it goes on.
All the retailers quote Meades figures without checking.

The confusion comes about where Sony use H for Horizontal - where Meade use H for Height
and Sony use V for Vertical and Meade use W for Width.
This completely messes up all calculations to relate height to width by Meade etc.

Oh well the above link gives the correct info if others need it

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