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Help needed

Hi Guys,

I have decided to buy a CCD camera.

I really cant afford a SBIG4000 XCM but could maybe swing an SBIG2000XCM. The resolution though is putting me off. Landed in oz would be around AUD3300.

Would I be horribly dissapointed with a QHY8, which is 6 megaipxels and from looking at forums appears to take some very pretty pictures. The price of this camera is around 1000 AUD cheaper than the SBIG 2000 XCM let alone the SBIG4000 XCM.

I know the SBIG has autoguiding but i am reasonably happy with my current guiding efforts.

I would be imaging through a Televue 85 and would rarely get to a dark sky site so would normally image with a Astronomic UHC filter in place. I have also decided i want a one shot colour camera. All my imaging is from the local park in Glebe and i cant have a permanent setup so cant afford the time to get LRGB images. Also from listening to Dietmar under dark skies the difference between LRGB and one shot colour is hard to pick so when i do get out to dark skies i would be happy with the OSC.

All ideas comments greatly appreciated
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