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Originally Posted by luka View Post
The ambient temperature may drop by 10 degrees C overnight and your sensor will do similarly as the camera body cools down...
Luka, I have done some retrospective study of my RAW data going back to pre-cooler days and found that to be NOT the case. It may seem logical to think that as night temp. drops the sensor temp./noise would drop with it, but RAW data speaks otherwise. Yes camera body temp. may apparently drop, noise at the sensor behaves quite differently. And there is a reason for it... will explain as I present some field data in coming posts while folks ponder.

And I am not talking EXIF here [ some cameras like Sony alphas don't even log EXIF temp.]; I am talking actual noise evaluation of RAWs (as night goes by) and getting the real picture what's doing on at the sensor level in an un-cooled scenario.

Once I have elaborated that, it will be easier to explain what role cooling plays in terms of consistency. Regards

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