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Glen, as this thread seems to be staying here the best may be to keep posting every now and then. Otherwise your comments will be buried and the newcomers will never see them.

Mike, can you please explain how the "temperature consistency is at the heart of this effort" as your temperature sensor is not "at the heart of the camera", i.e. the sensor. As far as I can see your solution can only keep the cold finger at the constant temperature but not the sensor. The ambient temperature may drop by 10 degrees C overnight and your sensor will do similarly as the camera body cools down although your cold finger may be at the constant temperature. And let's not talk about difference in between nights or summer/winter.

Furthermore, I am guessing that the lab data you want to show is similar to what you already have shown a few pages back. While it shows that the sensor temperature goes down and reaches equilibrium (as it has to), it is not what I mean as it shows nothing about longer term variations.

Also I am curious, have you ever tried measuring the cold finger temperature (or sensor noise) while camera exposing over, say 30min, but without the cooling.
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