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This is no competition with CCD or race to the bottom. DSLRs/MILCs don't need to be cooled that deep to reduce noise; a different animal altogether. Moderate cooling a modern DSLR/MILC will reap the most benefit without the overhead of condensation (and means to mitigate it) for most environments. [There is an option of chamber desiccant for extremely humid conditions; more in coming posts]

Experts (like RCheshire) agree there is NO need for very low temperatures to reduce most noise in DSLRs/MILCs. The concept is simple yet hard to grasp in a (cooling) world dominated by CCD. Regards

Originally Posted by RCheshire
Experience tends to indicate that there is no need for very low temperatures. Temperature consistency is more beneficial to a data set. 12C cooling will reduce noise by 4 - 5 times anyway depending on the sensor.
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