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Some important considerations for anyone reading this thread:

1. With DSLR cooling, the only figure that means anything is the actual measured sensor temperature, not the cold plate, not the processor, not internal case. RAW file header temperture data is actually processor temperature.
2. Newer model DSLRs produce more heat than the common models with a proven history of modification. This is due to increased processor workload, in some cases mulitple processors, closer board stacking and battery heat.
3. Consider which DSLRs lend themselves to cooling mods. Rcheshire's excellent thread on camera cooling, here on IIS, is the bible on the process and fully tested, and produces consistent results with sensors at or below 0C.
4. Rcheshire's cooling solution development had no commerical goal and could be built by anyone capabkevof following his well documented instructions.
5. Mr Malik runs a business and is advertising an unproven product solution here on IIS.
6. Mr Malik has a history of this sort of thing on Cloudy Nights, his externally attached cooler is a good example.

If your looking for a properly cooled recent model DSLR, then CentralDS of South Korea has proven products. If you want a very good diy cooled DSLR then read rcheshire's thread. If you want a cooling optimised colour cmos camera solution, the ZWO ASI1600MC-C is more cost effective than almost new model DSLR, and has a proven track record - and can run its sensor down to a delta T of -45C.
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