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An example of live aligning/stacking using sharpcap of the Lagoon Nebula on 25 July 6.20pm. These are captures during live viewing with no post-processing. Used an 80mm refractor (I think ~F4 with focal reduction) with the ASI224MC USB camera:

- the 1st is 1x 8sec exposure
- the 2nd is 24x 8sec exposures stacked using sharpcap
So I just sit there and watched the images stack. And tweak the histogram while viewing. I went out to a stack of 65x with this one, but for live viewing 8 - 32 is enough.


Originally Posted by Stonius View Post
Interesting thread. I wonder if it's possible to stack images of DSO's captured from the video stream. Essentially applying a planetary work flow to DSO'S?
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