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So a quick little update. Had another session tonight. Also, connected my new Nexus-S unit so the EQ5 pro mount could be controlled via wireless through SkySafari on my phone. Brilliant that device. Just select the star or object on the star chart and press goto and away it goes. Great.

With the moon out of the way I was able to spend most of the evening around the central galaxy region. Naturally headed for the bright nebula's to see whats-what. Looking at the Lagoon and Trifid nebulas in colors of pink, red and blue in the case of the Trifid was truly wonderful. Spent some more time checking out some globs in color as well. Always interesting.

Highlight of the night was heading over to the Eagle nebula seeing the pinks and redish hues and positively identifying the Pillars of Creation! From a 4" cheap achromat in the center of Sydney. Truly astonishing.
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