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Hopefully you have an adaptor for the ASI034 to attach to these scopes. The problem is that this camera is a 1/4" CCD so its like using a ~6mm eyepiece. I would start with either the 130mm (a few people use this size reflector on a goto mount) or maybe the 70mm refractor. Then you'll have the lowest mag, largest FOV, and fastest image. You will find the C8 very difficult. Its better if you can eventually get in some focal reduction (and no barlows), we can talk about that later. It will also be slow going without a goto mount.

Forget about registax, use sharpcap. Then you can stack images while viewing and bring those images alive. Download it and give it a run during day to get used to it. As you have a ZWO camera sharpcap will let you control gain/exposure etc. Charles Copeland has a great youtube intro to it

I don't know your camera as I have the ASI224. But give it a bit of gain (~300) and some 5 - 15s exposures and see what you get. Start with some globular clusters. If there's ever an observing night up the coast I could come up (I'm near Hornsby so not that far away). I'll bring my gear, and you can try my camera/reducers etc.

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