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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I had Alluna custom machine some bolt holes on the side of the scope so
I could mount a pair of Losmandy universal plates...hence the AP slung on the west side which counterbalanced on the east.

The north south balance was for two reasons....firstly to get the OTA lower
down to better fit in the dome, and second to allow for different camera weights. This simply a standard d-plate extending from the PME saddle
with a sliding counterweight...hence no load is being applied to the carbon truss.

Nicely planned out. If I change the camera on the CDK I have to move the scope in its large Planewave dovetail which has 3 very large tightening handles. Its not that hard but I worry about loosening the dovetail to move it. If I undo them too much it would be probably impossible for me to hold the scope up as it weighs too much. So I use a lot of caution, although I have done it many times now.

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