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This is what I've been doing and trying to perfect with my 2 refractors, a TEC140 and TEC180. I use a Trius on the TEC140 and a KAF8300 CCD on the TEC180. The FOVs are quite similar as are the resolutions (.95/.88) I do luminance on the TEC180 and colour on the TEC140. The images combine and stack easily in CCDStack. I also had custom software written for me so that I can link exposures between TSX CAO and CCDSoft. This allows me to dither exposures. And finally, Focus Max V.4 allows for Acquire Star to run two focusers. All of this actually allows me to finally control both cameras using CCDAP5 though I only have control over 1 filter wheel (which doesn't matter if I'm doing luminance only with one camera). I can automatically collect data in a ratio of 1 lum: 3 RGB. Given our stinking weather there is great potential here which I have yet to fully test. The issues with Acquire Star took months to solve (thank you Steve Brady!) with success only last week. Anyway, you can see pictures, etc at my pbase pages.

Is it worth doing? For sure, but automation is really complicated!

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