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Heres my scopes...

The 8" F/6 Skywatcher Dob and the Saxon 6" F/8 Refractor (thats my D50 hanging off the back of it)

Unfortunately as im still waiting on stock for an EQ6pro, the refractor images are of it sitting on a table.. It shall be put to use very soon...

(I have however balanced it on some bits and pieces outside and taken a VERY close photo of Brisbane city from 25km away... but the exposure wasnt quite long enough to bother posting it up..)

Im still in awe of just how big a 6" refractor actually is... Its not what I had imagined when I first considered buying it... every time I look at it i get a case of the giggles and think to myself.. imagine what people would say if i took that to the V8 supercars or the Footy finals... "Now thats what I call a BIG ARS3 TELEPHOTO LENS!"
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