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Alex, not sure if I understood you correctly but one software will only run one camera at the time. That's why SharpCap unticks one camera when you tick the other one. I don't think it can use both.
But you should be able to use one camera in PHD2 and the other one in SharpCap.

Somewhere in PHD2 in the connect window (maybe to the right of the box where you select the ZWO camera, don't have it in front of me) there is something that, from memory, looks like a tick box. That will let you select the 2nd ZWO camera, i.e. your guide cam.

Alternatively you can try plugging in the guide camera only, then run PHD2 and connect to the guide cam. After that is done plug in the imaging camera and run SharpCap or whatever other software you use for imaging and select it.
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