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Observations and sketch (NGC 1872 complex) 26/12/11

Another night of passable observing interrupted by clouds - some notes and a sketch.

Telescope 400mm f4.9 tri-dob reflector
Eyepieces 28mm UWAN, 17,13,9 mm Naglers, Paracorr
Navigation: LMC Charts,


Transparency poor with humidity and intermittent cloud, seeing fair.

NGC 1872/1874/1876/1880 (Henize emission nebulaN113) OCs and emission

175X 30’ to the west of NGC 1910, this complex is a 7’x5’ N-S collection of stars and nebulosity. At the NW corner is NGC 1872, a 2’ diameter round patch of luminosity, distinct, smooth and bright joined by a faint, narrow, curving bridge of light to a convex east arc of 6 stars along the eastern edge of the complex with background arc of nebulosity. This links to a 3’x3’ irregular area of haze and stars at the southern end of the complex. There are 2 very distinct knots on the western side of this area - NGC 1876 (1.5’dia) and 1874 (1’ dia.) 1880 is a slightly larger but less distinct round glow in the middle of the 3’x3’ patch of haze. All components brighten with a UHC filter and the whole complex extends a further 3’ to the east.

Shapley/Lindsay 328 OC in LMC

175X A line drawn from 1872 through 1876 and extended for 10’ leads to SL 328, an arc of about 10 stars, convex NE enclosing a faint haze, total dimensions 7’ NW-SE x 5’ NE-SW. The nebulosity brightens with UHC filter.

NGC 1894 OC in LMC

175X A bright grainy slightly irregular round glow, 1.5’ dia. with a stellar core and a resolved star on the NW edge of the halo. Between NGC 1894 and SL 328, N114A is barely perceptible.

14’ to the NE of NGC 1894 and just south of NGC 1910 is NGC 1903

NGC 1903 GC in LMC

175X Very bright round 2’ dia cluster of many stars just resolvable. Bright and distinct core, very concentrated but not point-like. This little gem is a bit like a tiny NGC 104. About 3’ south is the very faint 2’ dia smooth round glow of SL 357, requiring averted vision to detect in these conditions.
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