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Originally Posted by 2stroke View Post
Black Diamond scopes arn't all ED buddy, i think you need to learn your facts. Black diamond its just a name they use simple as that,
Well I was just going by the facts I got off the websites as on both the Aus and US skywatcher website when going to the Black Diamond section there are only 3 ED refractors listed, I can not see any other scope with the Black Diamond name anywhere on either site (can see all the scopes Andrews list they just don't have Black Diamond anywhere in their name or specs) so I logically assumed that all the Black Diamond scopes are ED scopes as there are only 3 scopes listed as Black Diamond and all 3 are ED .

I'll have to see what scopes Andrews recommend and what they think about the HEQ5 vs the EQ6 for it as the extra for the EQ6 wouldn't be a problem but after reading about the LX600 I was planning on getting one of those next year (if I got really into astrophotography again and there were not to many bad reports about them) so don't want to spend more on the mount if it isn't really required.

The Guan Sheng Imaging Newtonians have caught my eye so will be interesting to find out theor opinion on the quality and reliabilty of those though i'm still pretty favourable on a 120x1000 achro refractor now too.
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