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Originally Posted by rmuhlack View Post
Which TS OAG9 did you get? I was looking at this product earlier in the year when I was contemplating an upgrade of my GSO newtonian. My understanding from the research I did is that it is possible to use both the OAG9 and a MPCC together - that's the whole point. I'm also pretty sure there are a number of users here on IIS who have done just that.

So (as I understand things), assuming you purchased the OAG9 with the EOS adaptation, then that should connect as is directly to your camera. On the telescope side, I believe you would need this adaptor to connect the m48 thread of the MPCC to the M48 thread of the OAG9 whilst maintaining the required spacing.

If you were to swap the OAG9 for the lacerta OAG, then you would use this adapter instead to connect he m48 thread of the MPCC to the M48 thread of the lacerta OAG whilst maintaining correct spacing.

For connecting your Lodestar, the adapters would be as suggested in the email from TS.
Hi Richard,

Exactly, what I thought too Richard, which is why I am guessing the email response is (hopefully) wrong.

I have just the OAG9, not the EOS package. However, the EOS package as i understand it, consists of additional parts like the M42 adaption and EOS 0 mm bayonet that i linked to. I don't know why the response didn't mention these.

Are you sure that the extension tube for the OAG9 to connect to the MPCC is ok for spacing?
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