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DSLR OAG & Coma corrector help

Hi all,

I have slowly been chipping away buying bit buy bit for my new system. It will be a newt telescope either f/4 or f/5 (on a new eq mount).

I plan to continue imaging with a DSLR for the coming few years so purchased a TS OAG9 from teleskop express.

I also purchased a baader MPCC, the website listed it with the OAG9 and explains that you use a baader adaption ring to fit the MPCC to the TSOAG9.

it was also recommended that the guide camera needs to be a very sensitive camera, so i purchased the SSX lodestar guidecam.

Upon (its speedy) arrival it is obvious that quite a few other adaptors are required to get this thing to work.

This hasn't been a biggish issue for as, as i say i am chipping away slowly as money comes available. I don't have an EQ mount yet so haven't been using any of the gear (although tried the MPCC on my dob). Its starting to get closer now, so i enquired on what adaptors i would need to get it working.

Eg an adaptor for the MPCC to the OAG, an adaptor so that the lodestar can be attached and an adaptor so the OAG can attach to the DSLR.

The response I received has to be honest p!ssed me off a bit, as how i interpreted the website was that the MPCC would work with the TSOAG9 and canon.

"now we have a problem, because the backfocus of the
MPCC are only 55mm.

Your Canon has with the T2 adapter exact this 55mm
flange back, so we have no space to use the TSOAG9
in this combination, sorry.

To use the OAG without the MPCC you have this struckture:

2 focuser - TSVF230 - TSOAG9 - TSOAG9-M48 - SKM48-EOS - Canon

To use the MPCC there we have these:

2 focuser - MPCC - SKM48-EOS - Canon

To fit your Lodestar at the TSOAG you will need these adapter:


I have revisited the website since i purchased some months ago and now the MPCC is not mentioned on the TSOAG9 page at all - where i'm certain it was. There is however a mention to the TSOAG9 on the MPCC page.

Also i'm not sure if the advice i got was from someone who knows all the ins and outs of what parts are available. He suggests the SKM48-EOS part which i don't think is necessary, if you get a it will lessen the distance.

Regardless of all this, i don't want to point fingers, i don't want to be cutting the thread of adaptors (which i have read some people have done so that the prism can actually reach the light path). I just want to know if the MPCC will work with available adaptors or if there is a totally different system i should get (like the RCC1 and normal OAG adaptor)?



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