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It's close to 9,000 euros by the time you add rings, camera adapter, shipping case, shipping. Just wait for the Euro collapse!

Fast does have penalities, like high cost. Honestly, I want an 18-inch F/2.8 with the camera at prime focus. Astroworks 18-inch Centurian was well ahead of its time.

I have yet to see any good image out of the Officina Stellari 8-inch f/3.0 which is unfortunate because that is such a cool portable scope.

My little $2500 FSQ still wins.


I nominate you as the guinea pig John.

The sample images look great. It comes down to how much can you trust your supplied model to match the sample images model. I think we have seen a substantial difference in the past!

I also remember seeing H8 earlier sample images that showed misalignments when it was a prototype. Coma in corners etc.

I presume they got on top of that but of course that will be the touchy issue with any of these fast scopes no matter what configuration - super fast = super rigid and accurate engineering to work.

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