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Hooray! A comet!

Hi all,

Well, I've finally bagged my first comet since Halley's so long ago.

I too have been inspired by the current thread on it. Particularly the "Freecharts" link that Suzy provided with its locator charts and table of nightly positions. The latter was invaluble as the charts did not cover tonight's position.

Thanks Suzy!

Conditions were pretty good considering Lemmon isn't too high in the sky. An oh-so-faint hint of a tail though did come and go. I included its trace detection on a couple of the "time lapse" sketches as I couldn't quite make it out by the third rendition.

I have to say that I am most impressed with my 5mm Hyperion. Of all the one's I've tried, the 5mm is the only one that's been good in my fast Newt's. Tonight I pushed it to 320X with an ED barlow and it gave me such a lovely image.

The time lapse show's Lemmon's position over just a tick more than an hour going from right to left.

Object: Comet Lemmon
Scope: 8" f/4 push-pull dob
Gear: 5mm Hyperion plus 2X ED barlow, 320X
Date: 9th Jan., 2013
Location: Sydney, Oz
Duration: time lapse of just over 1hr, 9:15pm to 10:30pm local time.
Media: Soft pastel on A4 size black paper.

approx TFOV: 11'
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