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I've promised myself no more astronomy purchases for at least until the wet season Rick. We're on a good thing with the weather atm and I want to stick with it. I actually got it to work this morning, I think I know what i did. lol.

Part of the prob Trevor is that in DSS there isn't a M25C bayer option. I tried using the Qhy option (even though it has the same chip) but that didn't work either.

I think I've finally worked out the bayer option but i also think that if I look at the image in Maxim when I take it and I do the convert colour, when the next image is downloaded the first one is closed, it maybe keeping the M25C x/y offset option and is throwing everything out. Normally if I open a image and do that it asks if I want to save changes. It doesn't ask when a new image comes down and is maybe saving that image with its offset.

I don't really know but at least I've got colour now....... for the time being

edit:Hope that makes sense now

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