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Question Maxim, DSS and SXVR-M25C and the missing colour??

Ok, I'm just about at my whits end with this one. I've tried just about every conceivable setting in DSS but I am still struggling with getting colour with the SX and I'm hoping someone here might have some ideas.

Here are two shots taken with the M25C, captured with MaximDL and processed in DSS As you can see there is colour there but here is a shot of Cent A (thumbnail)from last night about 4 hours of 15 min subs. No colour.

When looking at the histogram in DSS I noticed a grey 'mask' over the colour channels in the histogram, and all the channels are covered under this mask. I think this is the problem, but I don't know how to turn it off. I don't even really know if its a DSS problem and or if its a Maxim DL problem in how its saving the files.

Any info would be appreciated as I'm slowly going spare over this one.
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