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Originally Posted by jjjnettie View Post
I've had a lot of my images printed Chris, from a fair few different places, and I always go back to the photo kiosk at good old Retravision here in town.
Their enlargements are printed down in Sydney, so you have to wait a few days, but they really do a good job.
But no matter where I get them printed, it's a good idea to get smaller instant prints done first to check on the quality before ordering the big ones.
Yes,I usually would look at getting some smaller prints done first,but I have been lucky and found a place that lets me behind the counter and see the image on the good machine they have before they print them off,I do not usually get much printed,but occasionally its good to see a how one two
look on good quality paper.

Still not sure on sizing-what dimensions do people here give their good images they have printed in a larger size?? Apparently-the higher sizing is suppose to make them look 'smoother' is there any substance to this thinking?? and is it worth doing?

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