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TEC140 and Borg 7887 .85X Reducer

I've read that this is a successful combination but would like further confirmation before committing to a purchase.

I also have concerns/questions about what I will need in addition to get the proper distance from the Borg to the CCD. And, to possibly complicate things further, I'd like to retain the option of using a 2" IDAS LP Filter in combination with my G2-8300 Moravian camera. At the moment I can just screw the IDAS into the 2" nosepiece of the camera.

From Hutec site:
Interface specifications:
  • A: M57P0.75 Male
  • B: M49.8P0.75 Male
  1. Accomodates 52mm filter on the objective side.
  2. Distance from B-side interface flange to image plane: 55mm
I think the IDAS LP filter is 48mm.....

So, do I need a different nosepiece for the camera? How does the Borg attach to the 2" focuser (Feather Touch 3545)?

Thanks for any assistance!!!
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