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17.5" scope, three hours and Eta Carina, again from Sydney

Finally, a clear night!

It started looking dodgey, but the clouds parted to reveal stars! Even from Sydney! Woohoo!

Heartened by my attempt at Eta Carina Nebula with an 8" dob, tonight, armed with a battery of sketching implements, I trained my 17.5" dobbie at the same target.

This time, I also used my Grand Daddy of eyepieces, a 35mm Masuyama. A bit long for my f/4.5 scope, but them's the breaks, .

This is such a busy place. There are nebulae within nebulae, multiple shockwaves, burst of star formation both just initiated and freshly kicking off their nuclear fires, and a super massive star about to go supernova.

This magnificent NASA site shows where these details are.

Man-O-Man, what a nightmare of detail. Three hours of work, and the result is below. My nervous tick twitches at the thought of doing all this again from a dark site, . Ooooh, it's gonna be soooo much fun, !

Scope: 17.5" f/4.5 dob
Gear: 35mm Masuyama, 57X, & OIII filter
Date: April 8, 2011
Location: Randwick Girls' High School, Sydney
Media: White pastel, white & black charcoal pencils, white chinagraph, white and coloured ink on black paper.
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