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Thanks for the comments, lads. Omega Centauri has always scared the heebee-geebees in me to even contemplate as a sketching option. Scott's work on GC's gave me the nerve to have a go.

The stars in the sketch are done in two ways: after making the initial 'ball' with the pastel and brush, the brighest stars were marked. The fainter ones where than 'machine gunned' on to achieve the desired effect of details like the arcs and various compact concentrations.

I don't think an illustrator today would sit and mark down each individual star. These sketches in the end are only a representation, not a photo, so there is a degree of license.

This rough and ready sketch was done in less than 1hr. A small scope and a light polluted sky does much to tone down Omega. That helped.

The Mellish Technique is an incredible tool. .
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