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Hard to say Robin, depends on the individual, his/her expectations, and equally importantly, the wallet.
I think so though. In my case I already had a Feather Touch or two, and the digital drive system was a natural albeit expensive, extension of that. I have a single hub and cabling all set up on the rollout pier, and whatever imaging scope is attached to the mount has a F/T on it, with the motor already attached to the focuser. The motor cable is in a loom which also has the power and USB cables for the camera, as all three are in the same area. Plug the cables in and away I go.
Maxim, AstroArt, and many others support the focus, and for a while I went auto all the time. For some reason I now just focus with the hand controller, go figure, but auto can be good too, especially if you are remote imaging (I'm not).
Buy one used, and try it.
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