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MaximDL suports the E series DSLR's quite well
See here -
"This plug-in currently supports the Olympus E-System camera models including the E-1, E-300, E-330, E-400, E-410, E-500 and E-510 using the supplied USB connections."

Olympus have used both CCD and CMOS sensors in their DSLR range.

There haven't been many posts about a lot of equipment but that doesnt mean it is either good or bad, just that people aren't using it or arent posting.
Olympus is a niche player in the DSLR market and a (the ?) leader in the Point and Shoot market there simply arent that many people doing astro with them.

I expect the new Micro 4/3rd format Olympus cameras to start making a serious impact - these are DSLR cameras with the same sized 4/3rd sensors that do HD video and everything else but are the same size as a point and shoot and I hpe they can be used for live preview in colour attached to the end of a telescope instead of an eye piece !

There are also some astro examples on the Four Thirds Photography Forum - you can search by Keyword.
This link should do it.
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