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Generally its been a high ISO/Noise issue.

Olympus cameras haven't performed as well as the rest in the high ISO department and there have been more people modding the Canons than anything else, so that has generated the most interest and support for RAW formats and Camera Control options and DIY or commercial modifications.

But there are people out there successfuly using Olympus for Astro.

Its worth noting that the Olympus E300 and E500 (now superceded and very cheap) use the Kodak KAF8300 8mp (colour) sensor - this is a 4/3rds format CCD that is ever so slightly smaller than APSC sized sensors used by the Canons but tends to have a more useful aspect ratio (no flaming !)

So if you can cool these (and I am not sure if you can do that so easily) then you would be using a One Shot Colour version of the same chip that all the big name Astro Camera manufacturers are releasing now !!

The Olympus E1 (5mp pro DSLR now superceded) lends itself to cooling very well because the CCD is by chance thermally coupled to the lens flange mount, so by adding a chiller to the lens mount (via an extension tube) you could cool it.
Not all software will control the various Olympus cameras however, so its worthwhile checking that first.

Most of the Olypus cameras can be modded for IR enhanced photography by removng the IR filter and or the antialiasing filter. Its not for the fainthearted, but there are services available to mode your camera - essentially the IR filter is removed and replaced with a piece of clear optical glass.

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