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Hi Turbo

It’s been a while since I used our (Firewire) DBK21AF04.AS, but I seem to remember using the format UYVY when capturing in colour (as displayed on the notebook). This allows a max frame rate of 30fps.

With UYVY I have never had any problems opening these avi’s in Registax and I have never had to select "Debayer", or use the "GB" setting to get the colour right.

Therefore, I assume that the UYVY format is a “Native” format to the DBK whereas Y800 is the RAW format and Registax needs to be “told” how to interpret this?

I think in RAW format you can capture at 60fps as the HW/SW is not required to perform any interpretation of the data stream, whereas what I term the “Native” UYVY is limited to 30fps as the HW/SW is performing some coding of the data re luminance and colour data?


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