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Despite the current consensus I would recommend this strategy.

If you buy the DBK, you get one shot imaging so to speak. If you buy the DMK and no filters you can still do one shot imaging, only it is in B&W. You will have a nice starting camera. Later you can get a filter wheel and filters. The transition from single shot cams like the 900nc and the DBK is not as hard as people make out. It requires some practice and some patience; if you have them then it will be easy. You can still do nice work with a monochrome camera and learn most of the necessary skills before going to colour with filters. Doing RGB imaging is quite simple, if you just use either photoshop or astra image 2.5max. I use astra image to do my recombine. Keep things simple and with good data; you will achieve nice images.

My vote is the DMK. However, if you are concerned about learning how to do all this, then go the DBK. If you decide you don't like planetary imaging you can always sell the unit.

Choice is yours.
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