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Originally Posted by ballaratdragons View Post
Start at the start with a cheap SPC900NC or 840k ProII. If you aren't happy with imaging, then you haven't spent over $150 to find out.
Originally Posted by Stephen65 View Post
There's a lot to be said for starting off with the much cheaper SPC900NC and seeing if you enjoy webcam imaging, its got a pretty steep learning curve and you'll still be able to produce some excellent images with it.
I've already tried imaging with my digital camera in video mode shooting at 24fps. I took a couple of AVI's of Mars just from holding the camera above the EP. I read an article on how to process images and found it to be a whole heap of fun. The image was over exposed and bright but after that small experience I needed more. I could see the redish orange of Mars and a ring of blue sorounding it.

So I have had a very tiny amount of experience with a digital camera.

What I really don't want to do is buy the 900nc spend between $150 -> $200 then soon after wanting to buy the DBK costing around $350 -> $400. Donít forget I am on a budget .

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