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Just to close the loop, was provided an opportunity to acquire the Nikon Nav HW 17mm which I grabbed quickly ( my thanks to the forum member).

Compared the view with the my 17mm Nagler and 13mm Ethos against the Nikon at 17mm and with the EIC to make the eyepiece 14mm in my 16inch dob.

I am really impressed with the view, took a bit to get used to looking side to side to get the full hyperview but the constrast and view was vivid is the best way to explain it. It seemed to show the whites as more crisperier white when compared to the Ethos 13mm.

The eye placement is not too bad and eye relief was good - I didn't experienced any blackouts during my eyeball placement.

Eyepieces were tested on M42, Eta Carina, Jewel Box, Omega Centauri and 47 Tuc.

Might look at getting the Nikon 12.5mm if the dollar ever recovers.

Its not a small eyepiece and it defintely has some weight to it

Many thanks to everyone for their advice and sharing their experiences.
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