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You can certainly see the effects of debayering. When I shot coloured flats to have a look, if you looked at the undebayered image you could clearly see which pixels were most sensitive to the incoming wavelengths, but if it was debayered, the red for instance came up with a mottled orange image when viewed at the pixel level. Probably not pure red as I did not use any sort of colour calibration on the flat panel (It is an old graphics tablet) I just threw a red JPG image on the tablet and put it on the scope.

It is easy to see how some ultimate sharpness has to be lost with an OSC even at the same image scale as an equivalent mono through filters, anything involving interpolation has to come with a cost.

Now, as to being able to bin 2X2 and still have a colour image, anyone got any guesses?

Images attached are of the undebayered pixel response to a red light source (With obvious spill into the green due to no calibration of the light) and the response to a green light. The diagonal pair of green pixels are obvious in the green image. I did not get around to a blue version.
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