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Hi everybody,

Things have been quiet for a while but the development has been ticking in the background. I have been trying to make the camera switch the TEC on/off during the frame reading instead of just having it on or off.

I have tried a few different approaches. It is doable but... and there is a but, it will cause noise in the images, at least with my camera. The attached image was taken with a testing firmware which switches the cooler on/off 4 times during the frame read (in between the row changes). Unfortunately 4 horizontal stripes are visible, roughly every 1/4 of the image.

The attached image has been stretched to show the stripes better. The camera was not cooled for this test, I would expect the cooled sensor to show the stripes better as the background noise will be less.

I have attached the testing firmware that I used. Can someone else flash it and do the test. I would like to see if the stripes are there visible with different designs of the power circuitry for the TEC. I am thinking of adding an inductor to smooth out the large current spikes by the TEC??? Not sure.
(you will need to flash the original firmware to restore the camera back to normal function)

Any other ideas?

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