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Hi Patrice,

I am not 100% sure but the way I understand the point 3, Rim is saying that the one side of diode VD4 should be GND instead of +5V. This should be done relatively easily by cutting the +5V track on the PCB and then grounding the diode VD4.

Also +15V supply to the sensor is needed only for the frame reading and can be GND during exposures. This will reduce heat and noise. However, for short exposures +15V must be left on.

Rim mentioned that a firmware change can do this. Someone will need to confirm but I think pin F7 on ATMega controls the voltage. So, changing the voltage on F7 in firmware could do the job

Beware that this is my interpretation of the google translation. It does not mean it is what Rim said. I just don't want anyone blowing up their camera because of what I said is not correct

Very nice image
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