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Originally Posted by Allan_L View Post
It involves the use of the delete button Alex.

Hi Craig,
Welcome to IceInSpace
Don't let Alex scare you, he has spent too many nights alone in the dark

Probably unprofessionally, but most amateur observers I know don't spend too much time, if any, recording what they have seen.
There are notable exceptions. Some even go to length to sketch their views.
I love to be able too but, alas...
Problems being dark adaption for observing does not mix well with illumination required for writing.
Additionally, the more time you spend recording, the less time you spend observing.
Finally, most observations from cataloguers already include their observations, I find myself just trying to see what they saw, and be happy with that.

But if you are insistent, probably you are going to produce a targets list, just make room there for observations.

Additionally, there is here on IIS a forum titled Observational and Visual Astronomy, and it has a sub thread of Observation Reports.

Thanks for posting, and Clear Skies!
Thanks for the welcome Allan.
I quite enjoy Alex's humour.
I had a quick read of the observation reports. There is some very interesting reading there. I'm liking the idea of looking back on early observations and seeing how far i've come, and how crappy my first eyepieces
I know what you mean about using every minute for viewing though. As i was reading what you said, I was remembering last night out the back yard swinging the scope, dragging the chair,swapping eyepieces around and the eagerness to get back to viewing. I guess I'll have a go and see how like it. After all, it's all about the enjoyment of it all.
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