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Hi Ben
Thank you for sharing your photos.
You must be very pleased with such a good result as well you should.
My first wide field the stars were about one sixteenth of an inch across but I was so happy.

And you have captured a UFO that is something else.

I did many wide fields, five nights in a row all nighters...back then only had a 300d canon only six meg but that camera all of them changed the game.

I went overboard and purchased the one gigabyte card... $110 but I think the camera was over 2k.

So what did you use?
Can you remember the setting and exposure time?

A tip print them out...the first efforts at least.

And please try harder on the jokes the world needs humour and happiness...mmm and kindness and tolerance, less greed, less hate...where better to attack evil than with a nice joke.

Thanks again and I hope you can become a regular poster and be an encouragement to others to share their stories.
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