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So, this Friday my camera saw starlight for the first time
I am quite pleased with the final result, but I know it can be even better because subframes are not so clean. There are some noise and interference patterns visible in them, but thankfully they calibrate fine.

Cooling is working fine but I am not entirely happy about delta T, camera can achieve "only" 30C below ambient temperature. On the plus side is that it takes only 1.7A on 12V supply

Anyway, full resolution image of the M33 galaxy is here:

Image is processed in Pixinsight. There is no noise reduction applied to the image.

SW ED80 with SW 0.8 FF/FR
cam84 (round board)
Exposure 6x600s, 4x900s, sensor temperature -10C
Belt modified NEQ6 mount

There is a noticeable lack of Ha regions, it seems that cheap Chinese UVIR block from ebay that I used as a optical window is completely cutting that wavelengths...
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