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Annnd just to finish off the post on the Royel soldering station......It works perfectly. Minor clean up, had to re-configure my iron pin config to suit the Royel (they are Royel irons but were on Adcola stations...I think this is how Royelston started), but that's a minor issue as I had changed them to 5 pin everyone did with these systems.

Just some old caps to replace, but everything is "A OK". Funny thing about Royel...they were one of the few "MIL Spec" systems back in the mid 80's. Damn nice specs, way over engineered and a joy to use.

Mannn that Vac pump is way over spec'd as well as the resistance txfmr. The station is surprisingly goo condition. Just a few old electro's to replace....not that it needs it.

Yes my old "ad Hoc" Adcola with attached vac pump system worked but hey why dine on crab when you can have Lobster!

Keen to try the resistance tweezers!
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