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Ok a little of topic but something we may need for this project is the ability to solder and de-solder SOP/SIL/QFP smd ICs. Since these are quite small and real-estate for these is at a premium the pcb is packed closely...I picked up a used Military Royel RE900-4 station.

Its a little rough but my older Royel irons (and de-solder iron) are exact matches for use on this unit and I know these units, I used to use them and repair them. I had my own de-solder system but this is far better as well as twin transformers/control PCBs for duel concurrent iron use. But it gets better I have fittings to plug straight into the vac and pressure ports and I know the rotary vane pump on this unit is a ripper.

But there's has resistance soldering facility. I need a handpiece (can make my own) but basically this uses around 4V (variable) at high current (variable) to basically heat by current flow or spot weld. This is a very valuable feature not used much by techs...costs too much. Damn nice unit indeed and will come in handy.

Also looking at getting some Hakko 950 soldering tweezers for my Hakko 936, mainly for SMD IC removal. It appears the Ukrainians had to remove and change some ICs and a heat gun is a poor tool for such a tightly packed PCB. But, hakko 950 hand pieces are expensive...I found Aoyue T001 knockoffs for around $35 which I can make fit my 936 station (actually my 936 station is a home made knockoff with exact copy PCBs and uprated 75Va transformer) I also have proper Hakko 907 irons as well as clones (on that note I found a place selling cheap clone 907 irons with exact specs as the hakko units). Also the Aoyue 950 handpiece has much cheaper tips for QFP, and other smd packages. Hakko tips cost ~ $100.

A lot of fiddling but it'll be worth it. I hope
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