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Hi Luka

ASCOM driver (object interface) is all open development make it compatible. Gotta love how ASCOM has swept to popular use since inception.

I noted how grim has his cam86 up and running. He reversed the PCB case/lid so the sensor faces the lid. No images of the TEC or TEC HSF but you can see he routed wires to the TEC. Also out the crystal on the bottom PCB he is still "fiddling".

It appears he used a microphone type connector on the camera base, with what looks like a plate and seal.

I'm still doing the Cam86 PCB. Had an error on my schematic that wouldn't let me open it today...I managed to open one of the backups, thankfully. Only lost 2 hrs work. The Schematic and PCB do have differences. No idea how it got this way, the PCB appears to be correct, not the schematic.

I'll be around another week on this at least before it's close.

Oh received my 2nd D70 so I'll be pulling them apart for the sensors soon. I have a D70s and D70.
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