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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Normally when building stuff like this I would use a female connector on the cable as it carries power and it is more difficult to short compared to pin connector......
Yep totally agree. If we wanted we could use a breakout sub-PCB like Faddy. This would allow us to use a DB9 on the rear of the camera that mates with another DB9 (opposite gender) outside the case, connected to USB/Power connectors etc. Mount it all in a small plastic case. This will allow use to seal the case yet route proper USB/Power to the camera with proper connectors.

Originally Posted by luka View Post
Off-topic question, have you "freed" your sensor from the aluminium holder yet? I just noticed on Martin Raabe's page (your link few posts up) that he machined the aluminium to get the sensor out.
I have another D70 coming, I'll do them both at once. I'll have to get some DMSO. I did laugh at Martin Raabes method of getting the alloy holder off. I was way...but...he's obviously not only practical he's damn 1st class at everything he touches, so the laugh is definitely on me. I also noted he included a sensor PCB jackscrew arrangement for sensor orthogonality, but I also guess he had micrometer dial gauges to set this all up.

Gary asked ..."why Faddy used the plastic sensor cover"...really I had to say...I'm not sure!
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