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Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
The seeing isn't too bad down here in the big smoke, but the Moon will be up shortly. Looking forward to seeing how you get on Lee
Not that well, as one might expect from 15s LRGB subs Have only seen the L data so far -- it's a lot of data to process for such a short integration time.

I'll post it up and maybe do it properly with decent subs when I get the adapter. At the moment it's not good though ;-)

Originally Posted by glend View Post
Well lets see it.
I just finished a long sub (300") narrowband test shoot at Unity on NGC 6188, i have over 5 hours of subs now collected over several clear nights. Not one dropped frame, no SGP issues, it performed flawlessly.
Likewise, let's see it Glen That's the usual experience with SGP, good to hear things are back to normal for you.
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