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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Pensioners don't have much money to throw around. I had to sell astro equipment, including my older camera, to purchase the ASI camera. I had been using a cheap HP Stream to run BYEOS in the observatory but it was never going to cope with all the storage and USB3 requirements of the new camera.
That is true. Although you could use your powerful machine for astro, and use the HP Stream for the do banking/finance. Or get a cheap device for the banking stuff. Assuming some gear re-use (monitor, etc), you could probably setup a non-Windows system for less than $100 (e.g. a RPi) - 5% the cost of the ZWO camera.

Originally Posted by glend View Post
I suppose i could try running APT on the HP Stream with the camera connected to USB2; not a long term solution. I could allow Teamview access by ZWO to the HP Stream. I will talk to Sam about it. Thanks for bring that up.
Unless the issue is related to USB3 also...
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