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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
I would hate to be in their position. I guess that there will always be a market for strong accurate mounts, but I really hope they have some strategy for dealing with what seems to be coming in the entry/intermediate market. Same goes for the makers of CCD cameras I guess.

i guess that this is what is called a disruptive technology.
Although it all sounds really promising and there is definitely a sense of fresh breeze in terms of new technologies being made available to astroimagers, but at the same time I remain sceptical, possibly due to my ignorance...

It seems to me that the laws of physics cannot be broken - there are only so many photons hitting a sensor from a DSO in a given time. So if there is one photon per say 2 seconds from a DSO per unit of area/pixel, chances are we will miss a significant percentage of them with 1s exposures. Just speculating here though...and to clarify, with ideally zero read noise, would longer exposures help to extract DSO's signal from noise coming from the skyglow, or is that corrected with number of subs alone

Either way, those brilliantly fast and sensitive sensors certainly open doors to new ways of imaging.
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