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I asked both Starlight Express and FLI Yahoo Groups about this response from Moravian. Terry Platt from SX said that horizontal register issues result in a trailed star to the right. He said they don't have that problem. He does not that there can be a gradient from top to bottom on these chips from thermal charge in the readout which is handled by fast readout.

Here is the response:

"Hi Greg,

No, poor horizontal transfer efficiency causes stars to trail horizontally, so that they develop short ‘tails’ to their right side. Vertical gradients are usually caused by thermal charge build-up during the readout process and are normally removed by bias subtraction. We reduce this by good cooling and faster readout.

As an aside – we don’t see this transfer efficiency issue with the 16070 chip.


So it seems like Moravian are not quite understanding something here.

This would match what I have seen. Good images with this sensor from both Starlight Express and FLI.


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