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Originally Posted by rogerg View Post
I see that the GSO 16" f/8 RC is now available:

Too much money for me to jump first, but will watch developments keenly to see:
- how effectively it can be focal reduced
- quality of the optics

I doubt that there will ever be a problem with the optics, Jim is great with reflective optics. Getting a corrector though might cost you some dough. GSO don't make correctors because those are lenses and this is not their forte. I am told that the ASA corrector would work with the GSO big scopes but at 3K it might be a bit too much to chew for some. I have been cropping my images from the RC12 to remove the bulk of the curvature in the corners. Though I am using a 11002 sensor. A smaller sensor might produce a lot less visible curvature. For me, I prefer the larger sensor to get the most out of the field.
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