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Hi Daniel

It's still bad weather in Perth till maybe Sunday nite before I can test the TSFlat2,5 flattener combo for my Equinox80 from the bureau's forecast for Perth! Yikes!

In the meantime have you had any more testing done or are you already pretty done with all the tests and you're sure that you'll have to look at other better options?

Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will clear up soon!


Originally Posted by DJ N View Post
Hi Bill,

Thanks for the link...... I totally missed it before. Will have a look.

I am very interested in how you go with the TsFlat25. I was having a look at the TsFlat2 on the TS website last night. I too have a moonlite on my ED120, however it is "only" the 2 incher with the DC motor..... got a good deal secondhand!! I have retrofitted the original Black Diamond dual speed on to my ED80.


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