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Originally Posted by mswhin63 View Post

I did take a moon shot though - - It could handle a lot of gear too.

Are you saying that T-A's Matthew was selling the EXACT same brand TS stuff or is it the equivalent items for the pricing you stated? I could not make out if that was the case or not!

What can handle a lot of gear? Your mount or is it the rear end of the new OTA?

Yep, I'm pretty on top of what to get if I go the Borg way - their home website - Japanese version has a lot of information - I speak the lingo so no probs in my asking questions first before buying

That TS scope you bought seems pretty sharp or perhaps you oversharpened the DPP - however which way it was doesn't matter because the information got to be in there in the first place otherwise the results will be interpolated data (SISO-like if you know what I mean) - I'm sure you're aware that the moon is not a suitable candidate to test the TSFlat2 - really looking forward to your starfield test results!

Damn the weather!! - I can't get any tests done with mine for the Equinox80 plus the new OAG I ordered for the new CCD camera has arrived too - my plan is to complete the tests before the next Tammin! Chomping at the bit!!

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