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Andrews may be cheap but I don't like their marketing. They do have the 3 Black Diamond ED Refractors but then they also stick the "Black Diamond" name onto the other non ED refactors as well which if I didn't spend an hour trying to find these scopes that don't exist could of easily bought one thinking it was a good high quality ED scope when it isn't.

Looking at the skywatch site the Black Diamond series refractors have ED glass and there are only the 3 models there are no Black Diamond scopes that do not have ED glass nor are there any Black Diamond editions of the of the other non ED glass refractors.

So looking at Andrews you see "Skywatcher Black Diamond 150 x 1200 with EQ5 heavy-duty equatorial mount $1499.00 AUD" (also if you look at the list then see SW 150 x 1000 EQ5 Package for only $999) and then go looking up these "Black Diamond" scopes since you dunno what they are and find out great they are high quality ED glass scopes and they are normally 2 - 3x that cost so I better get one quick!!! but then you realise hey... I don't see that 150x1200 model Black Diamond scope on the manufacturers site it only goes to 120x900... oh it must just be that it's an ED glass edition of the cheaper scope then..... hmmm no there's only the 3 Black Diamond scopes on the site and no "Black Diamond" better edition of the other scopes so its actually only the cheaper normal BK15012EQ6 scope but with the misleading "Black Diamond" name attached to it. They surely know there are only the 3 Black Diamond scopes so what other reason would they have to stck the name on to the normal scopes as well.

I didn't think i'd see a CPC800 XLT for $2500 either when the cheapest anywhere else was $3500 so there could be somewhere with the BD 120 clsoe to the price of the BD 100 everywhere else
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